The TurboTwins
Turbo twins
Voiced By
Grey skin, blue jumpsuits and blue helmets, square helmets (book only), yellow teeth and eyes
Racing, trying to win, trophies
When Turbo brags
Feautured Films
Wreck-It Ralph

The TurboTwins, are identical twin NPCs (Non-Playable characters) that race against Turbo in TurboTimeIt's hinted that they escaped with Turbo when their game got unplugged.



The TurboTwins wave at the crowd, as they are fine with not being in 1st place.

The TurboTwins are men that are completely identical to each other. Both of the twins wear a dark blue helmet with a white streak in the center. They also wear a simple dark blue racing suit with black trimmings on their collars and wrists. Like Turbo, they both wear converse shoes. Turbo's shoes are red while the twins' shoes are blue. In facial expressions, the TurboTwins kind of look like Turbo. However, their eyes are smaller and are not sunken. They appear to have either a smaller nose than Turbo's or no nose at all. The twins are skinnier than Turbo, having a triangle-shaped body while Turbo has a pear-shaped body. 

TurboTwins look like tellytubbies

The TurboTwins in the book.

In the book version of Wreck-It Ralph, the TurboTwins have a completely different look. They share barely any similarities with Turbo. They wore a simple dark blue jumpsuit (this time with no black trimmings), a simple pair of blue shoes and a dark blue square helmet with a white streak in the center. However, in the movie, their helmets are the same shape as Turbo's.


Unlike the extremely narcissistic Turbo who brags about himself and his trophies all the time, the TurboTwins are humble men who do not brag about themselves. They are like normal people and are fine whether they lose or win. Each time when Turbo finishes the race, the TurboTwins do not mind what position they end up in a race. They wave at the crowd, accepting that they can't be 1st place all the time. But whenever Turbo brags and shows off his 1st place trophies, the TurboTwins become disgusted and lean away from Turbo, as Turbo almost hits their heads with a trophy on his right hand and a big thumbs up on the left hand.


Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to popular belief, the twins and Turbo are the same height.
  • Assuming from the concept art of Turbo, it is likely that the twins are programmed with no hair beneath their helmets since the concept art shows Turbo with no hair.
  • In the online and app version of Turbo Time, the twins appear with white eyes and teeth and a different outfit. It also seems that the app version has two more TurboTwins that are yellow and green.
  • Some fans believe that the twins lived, but they were just never seen or mentioned.