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was the racing game that Turbo stared in before taking over Sugar Rush and becoming King Candy. TurboTime presumably was made around the same time as Fix-It Felix, Jr., due to its similar graphics. Since its release on May 1, 1982, it was once the most popular game in Litwak's Arcade and Turbo loved the attention.

When Mr. Litwak installed a new racing game in 1987, RoadBlasters, it stole Turbo's thunder, causing him to become jealous. As a result, he left his game and tried to take over the new one. This caused both machines to be considered "out of order" and unplugged for good. Since then, the characters of the arcade usually refer to a character game jumping during arcade hours as "going Turbo", and is something to be avoided. However, near the end of the film, it's revealed that Turbo had survived his game being unplugged, and had, disguised as King Candy, taken over Sugar Rush.



Wreck.It.Ralph (TURBO!!)

The story why Turbo "went Turbo"

Turbotime- Wreck-It Ralph PC games- short gameplay

Turbotime- Wreck-It Ralph PC games- short gameplay

The gameplay of TurboTime

Turbotime- Final stage- Wreck-It Ralph PC games

Turbotime- Final stage- Wreck-It Ralph PC games

The gameplay of TurboTime

Online GameEdit


In real life, TurboTime is a free downloadable arcade game released sometime on 2013. Your goal is to help Turbo win 1st place after 3 laps around each racetrack. Finishing in 3rd place in a single racetrack will result in a "game over."


Full screen - Press F4 for best experience To start game - Press 5 and then hit "Enter" key Help or pause - F1 Unpause - Esc Accelerate - Up arrow Turn left - Left arrow Turn right - Right arrow To enter letters - Press Z

Unfortunately, the full version was never released. The full version was canceled without any notices. While the full version was in progress, the original publication website, Sandbox Yoyogames, stopped its service on October 27, 2014, and eventually closed down on April 8, 2016.

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