"Turbo Tastic!" -Turbo's main quote (and catchphrase)

Voiced By
Alan Tudyk
Grey skin, white helmet and jumpsuit, yellow eyes and teeth
Racing, winning, fame, salmon (the color), the TurboTwins
Glitches, losing, anyone who thinks they're better than him
Featured films
Wreck-It Ralph

Turbo is a character that was from an old unplugged racing game called TurboTime. During his time in his original game, he would race against the TurboTwins and usually won all the time. However, when RoadBlasters was plugged in and supposedly "stole" Turbo's thunder, he got jealous and he abandoned his game to take over the new one. Instead of unplugging RoadBlasters, Mr. Litwak unplugged TurboTime, and the TurboTwins and Turbo himself managed to escape in time.

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